Which is the best online shopping website in Pakistan

I am a house wife and my husband a private employee. I want to start an online business in Pakistan and if possible sell internationally as well, I am not very technical so that is why I do not want to hire a developer to make a website or maintain one. I have used ebay before and am looking for something similar in Pakistan.


Postgraduate Asked on September 5, 2015 in Online Shopping.
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  • WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com

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    In our country, trend of online buying and selling has been revolutionized over the last few years, We all have a busy schedule and we want to shop online while staying at home or at work. However, we should be extremely careful while shopping online and giving your credit card details. For that purpose, I’m going to share a website that is secure and reliable.

    1 – eBid Pakistan


    eBid is Pakistan’s very own ebay. It is the first fully functional free auctions and storefronts website in Pakistan. Due to strong verification processes for seller and eBid store owners (eStore owners) eBid is aiming to create a secure and reliable website which should prove to be a convenient online shopping mall for consumers. There are four verification levels and each level has a verification seal assigned to it which appears in all item listings of the seller. Also the higher the verification level the cheaper it costs to buy banners or place ads on the eBid.pk home page.

    eBid is a free website (no listing charges or commission fees) but those who choose to advertise their products (featured ads, banners and sliders) using eBid’s many tools have to pay manageable amounts. eBid also has its own built in eAccount which members can top up using online banking and PayPal.

    The most powerful feature of eBid.pk is the eStore (commonly known as storefront or webstore). The eStore can be used as a regular online shop as well as a website you can add your own eStore categories (different than eBid categories) and add content pages like about us or contact us etc. etc. The eStore domain is also attractive if small business want to use it to advertise their products and services for example eBid.pk/myeStore.

    The eStore is beneficial for business and individuals who cannot afford to build and maintain their own website. It would normally cost around PKR 50,000 to build an average website and would costs hundreds of thousands of rupees for SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), and webhosting, online paid advertising and basic modifications.  eBid takes care of all that, they manage all SEO, SMM, upgrades, hosting and they do paid marketing for their eStores on Facebook and other mediums for FREE.

    There is an extensive category structure from everyday commercial products such as mobiles phones to business and industrial products.

    There are four types of listings available.

    Products only:

    1. Auctions
    2. Buy Now
    3. Auction + Buy Now

    Products, Business and Services:

    1. Classified Ads

    Product listings are easy; members can post a detailed ad very quickly with large number of built in options by just clicking check boxes or selecting from drop down menus.

    Auctions are a great way to sell used goods or to sell something quickly. Sellers can keep a reserve price for their auction so if the bid/bole is not high enough the seller is not required to sell the product and relist his/her item again.

    I would recommend to check it out for yourself or contact the site admin here

    Graduate Answered on September 5, 2015.
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    Now you can test a business idea without spending a penny on inventory and online store set up. eBids Pakistan provides you free online store to reach the customers across Pakistan. Women entrepreneurs are opening free online stores to sell replica dresses with Cash on delivery in Pakistan.

    Undergraduate Answered on November 2, 2016.
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  • WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com


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  • WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com

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