What are the most effective ways to quit smoking

I was a medical student and I needed to stay up late at night so I started smoking. Now I’ve become a regular smoker and I really want to quit this notorious habit. I tried some medications but they didn’t help at all what is the best way to quit smoking?

Graduate Asked on September 11, 2015 in Diet & Fitness.
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    There are many different ways to quit smoking and you can choose the plan that works better for you.

    Cold Turkey

    Around 90% of the sufferers who try to abandon smoking do it without external help – no chemicals, medicines or therapy and many of them are able to get success.

    Electronic Cigarettes

    This is probably the easiest way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but most people who take this route always end up getting hooked to electronic cigarettes or ecigs. The best way is to start cutting down on analogue (regular) cigarettes while vaping an ecig, start with medium nicotine strength eliquid and decrease to 0mg nicotine ejuice . There are a number of studies proving electronic cigarettes are less harmful than analogue cigarettes but there are also many studies proving they are worse. Vaping is becoming a hobby among ecig users which is dangerous on its own. For a list of suitable eliquids review see here.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Your counselor, therapist or clinical psychologist will work with you to find ways to quit smoking. Together, you’ll work on triggers such as emotions or events that compel you to smoke and make plans to overcome the problem. Follow ups are very important.

    Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    Nicotine patches, inhalers, lozenges and sprays are nicotine replacement therapies and they work by giving you nicotine without the use of tobacco. If you are under the age of 18, you can’t use it without your doctor’s permission. This therapy works well only when you also get behavioral therapy and plenty of support from family and friends.


    Many drugs such as Chantix and Zyban are pretty helpful for people trying to quit smoking but your doctor must prescribe these medications.

    Combo Treatment

    Using a combination of treatment methods may increase your likelihood of quitting smoking. For example, using both a nicotine spray and patch may be better than a spray alone. Other proven combo treatments include nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral therapy, nicotine patch and nicotine spray and prescription medications with a nicotine patch. You need to talk with your counselor or psychologist to see which treatment is best for you.

    Rules for quitting smoking

      1. Recognize the triggers and avoid them:
      2. During the first 2 or 3 months of your treatment, try to stay away from the situations that usually make you feel like smoking.
    • Understand that the first few days are the hardest
      1. You will probably feel stressed, slow, depressed, tired or irritable but once you get over those early days, you will start feeling normal.
    • Don’t give in to your craving to smoke
      1. You increase the chances of quitting successfully when you don’t smoke when you have cravings.
    • Try a new hobby with friends who are non-smokers
    1. When smoking is no longer a choice for you, it may change how you see yourself. The more you want to quit smoking, you may be amazed to feel sad or miss it all most of the time. So it’s the best way to start doing something you like such as writing, exercising, music or art. This will help you to avoid thinking about your cravings.

    Everyone is different and how hard it is to quit smoking depends on things like:

    • The number of cigarettes you smoke everyday
    • The number of time you spend with who are smokers (parents, friends or workmate)
    • The reason for your smoking such as to overcome a social situation, hiding from a person problem or controlling the weight gain.

    You only need to focus on the benefits of leaving this habit. Within few hours of stopping smoking, your body starts to recover from the damages and effects of addictive components. You heart, lungs, blood pressure begin to getting back to normal and your overall health increases.

    Consult a psychologist or counselor in your city or visit a drug addict rehabilitation center for further assistant and starting the treatment.

    Graduate Answered on September 11, 2015.
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    Your body is addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical drug that is found in cigarettes so basically you’re addicted to nicotine.  You just need a substitute for nicotine, a healthy substitute like dopamine which you can gain through healthy habits including running or playing games. I am also a dpt student at one of the finest dpt universities in pakistan.

    Undergraduate Answered on November 1, 2022.
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