What are the best interactive websites for learning English

I am a high school student and I want to learn English online. I didn’t study English in my junior school so my English is very weak. Please help me find some excellent online English learning resources.

Undergraduate Asked on September 8, 2015 in Internet.
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Today, it’s a lot easier to learn English. You don’t need any traditional books. All you required is a computer and the internet. To improve your language skills, here are some useful websites that can help you practice grammar, vocabulary, and even speaking and listening.



This website lets you practice new vocabulary and grammar by choosing lessons that fit your needs. You can even choose your weaker part and pay more attention. You can chose very detailed lessons on pronunciation, writing, structures and grammar. If you’re planning to travel, there are lessons that can help you achieve your desired language goal.

BBC learning English


I personally prefer BBC and I’ve used their amazing resources to enhance my skills. They have high standards and they’ve been very successful. You can improve a lot while relying on their material, but you must have some experience with English. Unfortunately, they don’t offer absolute beginner lessons.

This website is developed for intermediate and advance learners. Learning English videos and podcasts are readily available for learners around the globe.

British Council


This website is very useful for everyone. They have different sections for adults, teens and kids. No matter how old are you, there is always something interesting for you. You have an exercise after you finish a video or a lesson and it helps you remember what you have learned.



This website helps you learn English by real online community. Practice reading and speaking is very difficult online but livemocha makes it possible.

Other resources



Many things


Learn British English


Learn English for free


Lecturer Answered on September 8, 2015.
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