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      What are some useful remedies for curing weaker hair, hair fall and dandruff available in Pakistan?

      I used to have strong and shiny hair but things began to change a few months ago. I started losing my hair and they became thinner and weaker. I have used some herbal shampoos and tried few other things but still fighting with the same problem. Need urgent help.

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      • Just two things.
        1- Oil after shower ( No shampoo daily just one’s a week, better one’s a month)
        2- Sun light ( 20 minutes daily)

        on August 12, 2018.
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      1 Answers
      Senior Lecturer

      For healthy hair, we need proper care and nourishment and we are required to provide them with useful vitamins, proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids. When you do not have these important nutrients in our body, we face different problems including hair fall, dandruff and weaker hair.

      Here are some useful tips and remedies to help you get healthy hair again:

      Repair damaged hair with avocados

      Take a medium sized avocado and mash it with an egg, then apply this remedy on your hair after shower. Avocados contain high amount of essential nutrients that will bring shine back in your hair. Apply it for 20 minutes a week, and if you want, you can apply it once month for even healthier hair.

      Butter for dry brittle hair

      Repair dry hair by massaging a little amount of butter into your hair and then cover your hair for nearly 30 minutes. Now wash your hair normally to remove butter from your hair.

      Olive oil Conditioner

      To get the moisture back, slightly warm up half cup of olive oil and apply it into your hair. Carefully wrap your head with a towel and leave it there for 40 minutes and rinse carefully.

      You can also try massaging olive oil into your hair before going to sleep every day, cover your head to keep the dust particles away and cleanse your hair in the morning. This remedy will help you get rid of dandruff and give your hair a glossy shine.

      Yogurt and Pepper for dandruff

      Get two table spoons of finely grinned black pepper and mix it in one cup of yogurt and apply it on your scalp. Yogurt contains friendly bacteria and nutrients that make your hair dandruff free and help them grow healthier.

      Answered by Adnan on September 3, 2015..

      WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com