What are nutrition related issues in Pakistan related to pregnant and lactating women

Elaborate issues that are related to related to pregnant and lactating women in Pakistan. Explain the reasons and also explain how we can get rid from these serious health related issues?

Senior Lecturer Asked on August 31, 2015 in Pregnancy.
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    In Pakistan nutrition related issues especially in pregnant and lactating women are at its peak. Issues which are normally present in pregnant and lactating women are given below:

    1. Iron deficiency
    2. Folic acid deficiency
    3. Protein deficiency

    These are the major deficiencies which normally occur in pregnant and lactating women.

    Iron and folic acid is necessary during pregnancy. Brain development of fetus occur during pregnancy. Iron and folic acid is necessary of the brain development of fetus during pregnancy.

    A research is done in Rajanpur in which dietary intake of pregnant and lactating women is collected. Almost every women is iron and folic acid deficient. Imagine, if all women will give birth to low brain and unhealthy baby then how these child will serve nation tomorrow. IQ level has decrease 10 points mainly due to iron deficiency.

    Reasons for these nutritional deficiencies:

    1. Poverty
    2. Illiteracy
    3. Unavailability of health departments

    Poverty is the major issue in Pakistan. Due to poverty poor people are unable to eat that diet which is necessary for them.

    Second important problem is illiteracy. Some people have money but they didn’t know which food they should select?

    Third problem is that health department do not give awareness to illiterate people. They should give awareness to pregnancy and lactating women that which diet they should intake in pregnancy and lactation.

    How can we control this problem?

    Health department can play an important role in controlling this problem. They should start door to door awareness about these nutritional deficiencies and guide them about dietary intake in pregnancy and lactation.

    Government should give iron and folic acid free supplements to pregnant and lactating women. Because these children are the joint stock of Pakistan. They have to serve Pakistan tomorrow. So govt. should do investment in these child to secure the future of Pakistan.

    Sources Of Iron:

    Legumes, vegetables, grains and meat.

    Sources Of Folic acid:

    Lentils, leafy greens, citrus fruits, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, tomato juice.

    Sources Of Protein:

    Poultry, milk, eggs, beans, soy.

    Senior Lecturer Answered on August 31, 2015.
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