TCP/IP port Doesn’t Work

When utilizing the TNM 1.1.3 (form 1550) and TCP/IP screen.On the off chance that you type in an alternate port number (for example I need to screen TCP port #3389/”RDP” or #8080/switch webgui) the screen won’t associate. In the event that I utilize any of the “standard ports” (for example 25/SMTP, 110/POP3) they work.

I actually have confirmed that I can telnet to that port on every one of the servers I am observing. Besides, in the event that I need to change the screen, I can’t. (The alternative to pick an alternate “type” is turned gray out) This is by all accounts a bug. I would pay for the item or backing in the event that I realized the item would work. O/S: Server 2008 STD x64 (SP1)

Graduate Asked on November 30, 2019 in Computers & Internet.
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    Go for ManageEngine’s OpManager. It is a tool that makes sure that all your network devices are up and working uninterruptedly. It gives real-time views of obtainability statistics and observes dissimilar devices like switches, routers, servers and any other SNMP allowed devices. It also checks for a device’s obtainability utilization ICMP Ping. For further detailed info regarding IP monitors press . Another best thing about it is that it gives four other statuses to evade false alerts. It also makes reports on fixed days and times and observers WAN link accessibility usage Cisco IP SLA. It also helps in dealing WMI, and checks HTTP/HTTPS, Intranet sites, web server farms, web apps with a login, authentic webpages and more. Except from that it gives the option to remotely deal and monitor courses that are operating on servers.

    Graduate Answered on November 30, 2019.
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