PTA Warnings regarding spam sms in Pakistan

SMS/Text marketing has recently become extremely popular for small and medium size business in Pakistan mainly because of two reasons; it is extremely cheap and high visibility. There are marketing companies who will send a hundred thousand text messages for as low as Rs 0.035 per SMS. Software’s along with mobile phone numbers are also available for sales which end up costing even less than Rs 0.035. Some recent surveys have pointed out that mobile phone users tend to read 98% of the text messages received, it difficult not read them even while deleting the sms. This kind of visibility statistics are a marketers dream.

Another use of SMS marketing is popular among retailers or service providers which are taboo or illegal to openly advertise.

Public notice has been issues in newspapers by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority warning legal consequences for those who send SPAM, unwanted and illegal text messages or calls to mobile phone consumers. SPAM messages can be reported to PTA by sending an SMS to 9000 (10 paisas/sms).

PTA Warnings regarding spam sms in Pakistan

How to report SPAM and illegal messages?

Send an SMS to 9000 with the following details:

1 – Sender’s mobile phone number

2 – Receiver’s mobile phone number

3 – Other details the receiver (you) want to add

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