How to look for NGO jobs in Pakistan and NGO internships

If you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional looking to change careers seeking for NGO jobs in Pakistan the information provided here will help you start off. There are various NGO jobs and NGO internships opportunities across Pakistan – including all major cities and organizations who offer them.

Non-governmental organizations have existed in Pakistan since independence in 1947. NGOs commonly have worked for social welfare and rehabilitation to serve poor and marginalized. The number of NGOs in Pakistan had remained static for around 30 years, but has mushroomed in 1980s and 1990s. In recent years, NGOs have become increasingly important entities in designing and delivering community-based programs.

Currently, there are huge numbers of NGOs in Pakistan that offer diverse range of jobs in various areas such as administration, finance, auditing, consultants, management, rehabilitation and social work, etc.

NGO jobs in Pakistan:

Let’s have a look at NGOs working in different fields and types of jobs NGOs offer:

Education NGOs

Education NGOs work on improving quality of education and enhance the students’ moral, spiritual and intellectual abilities. They build new schools, hire new staffs and offer excellent quality education in areas where there are no schools or lack of resources. Poor students are even financed to fulfill the requirements of a school life.

Types of Education NGOs

  1. Education literacy NGOs
  2. Vocational training NGOs
  3. Special education (for children with learning disabilities)
  4. Adult basic education NGOs

Education NGOs jobs in Pakistan

Education NGOs hire teachers, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, special education teachers, subject specialists, and office and administrative staff.

Find education NGO jobs in Pakistan

NGO teaching jobs

Education NGOs directory for job search

Development NGOs in Pakistan

Development NGOs work on community based development projects like building roads, infrastructure, dams and bridges, homes and schools and so on. Development NGOs are further classified into:

  1. Rural Development
  2. Urban Development
  3. Community Development

Development NGO jobs in Pakistan

Orphanage NGOs in Pakistan

These NGOs help poor and orphan children find a place to live until they attain adulthood and can stand on their own feet. Those children who lose their parents or guardians as a result of a disaster or an accident are taken into orphanage homes where they live like a family.

Orphanage NGO job vacancies in Pakistan

Environment NGOs in Pakistan

These organizations work on various projects and organize campaigns and get engage in healthy environmental activities. They organize tree plantation events and get volunteers to help clean the environment. Issues such as air pollution, water pollution, excessive garbage, sanitation, water purification are discussed and developed programs to bring awareness among people.

Environment NGO positions in Pakistan


Jobs in international NGOs

There are lots of international NGOs working on different projects in Pakistan. They have foreign employees but they understand how important it is to have local employees. Local employees minimize costs. If international non-governmental organizations hire people from foreign countries, they will need extra money to pay them and give them incentives and eventually cost more than local employees. Local employees are more effective especially when you want to start a project in area where you have a language barrier or communication gap. Locally hired people help international organizations as interpreters and it helps the organization to achieve targets successfully.

Find international NGO jobs here:

Latest NGO jobs in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city so most of the NGOs in Pakistan are being operated from there. And lots of local NGOs head offices are located in Islamabad. You can easily visit an NGO of your choice if you’re living there and apply for NGO jobs in Islamabad.

Current jobs in NGO Islamabad:

NGO jobs in KPK


Jobs in Peshawar NGO

Latest NGO jobs in Peshawar,-khyber-pakhtunkhwa


NGO jobs in Kohat

Male/Female NGO job Aurat Foundation Kohat


NGO jobs in Mardan


NGO jobs in Quetta,-balochistan


NGO jobs in Sukkur

Latest NGO jobs in Karachi Sukkur Larkani

NGO jobs in Multan

NGO jobs in Lahore

International NGO Lahore jobs,-Lahore-jobs-in-Lahore


NGO jobs in Karachi,-sindh


List of NGOs in Karachi

NGO job titles and descriptions

Here are some of the most important job positions in an NGO

  1. Management

TITLE: CEO (Chief executive officer)

RESPONSIBILITIES: strategic decision making, grant making, policy making, reporting to board of directors, direct specialty managers and manage projects.

  1. Specialty managers or program assistants

Assist in researches write reports, directing social workers, counselors, overseas programs and budgets, and plan and organize activities.

  1. Public relations specialists

Manage functions such as campaigns, interest group representation, community, consumer and media.

Make press releases, call members to join the organization or event and contact media persons.

  1. Development director

Specialize in fund-raising and membership, identify financial sources and apply for grants.

Best NGOs in Pakistan to work for:

There are tons of national and international NGOs who are doing an excellent job and play a significant role in community development, rehabilitation, education, health and environment. Identifying best organizations can be hard as it depends on various factors such as preferred job, working conditions, salaries, management, social influences and so on.

Here is a small list of best NGOs

UNO, UNICEF, Lead Pakistan, Edhi Foundation, WWF, Aurat Foundation, Red Cross, and US Aid, etc.

The list is large so can’t include all but I hope you will get some sort of idea about where to look for.


Local and International organizations in Pakistan require you to have at least bachelors or master’s degree in sociology, marketing, finance, human resources, psychology, education and so on. It depends on what type of organization you want to apply. And these NGOs prefer those candidates who have some extra skills such as multiple languages, fundraising and basic skills.

NGO internships

International internships for students of Pakistan

Local NGO

Top summer internship programs

There are plenty of other internship opportunities offered by a large number of organizations. You can find more opportunities on website of your desired organization. Some organizations even offer international internships and send you in a foreign country to have a great learning experience. You experience different cultures and traditions first hand and sometimes you pick up a language or two and make new friends.

Internships give you an opportunity to experience the job market that is totally different from your study life. You develop new skills like teamwork, leadership, effective communication, organizing task and execute various activities. You can’t experience these things at school or university. It even gives you a chance to impress your future employers since you’re working with them for a short period of time. Many organizations hire internees after successfully completing internship or even if they don’t hire you, you learn a diverse range of skills that can help you to get your desired position in any other organization.

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