Mounting a Rod for a Shower Curtain

Changing out the shower curtain and rod is a simple and low-cost method to give your bathroom a new look. Putting up your new curtain rod and curtain could not be easier than following the steps I’ve laid out for you.

What You’ll Need for a Curtain Rod Setup

Shower curtain hardware
A set of screws and a mounting bracket
One uses a measuring tape
What is it?
A Phillips-head screwdriver
Decorated curtain rings
It’s a curtain for the bathroom’s shower


Installation of the new 90×72 velvet curtains rod is our first order of business. We need to take the dimensions of the wall or ceiling where the mounting brackets will be installed to ensure that your shower rod hangs securely. Get your new curtain all rumpled up and ready to hang by the wall. First, using your pencil, mark the wall where the top of the curtain will be; then, using your measuring tape, determine how far down from the ceiling that mark is; this will be the location where your second mark will be made.

Once you have marked the appropriate spots on the wall, use your screwdriver to securely fasten the mounting brackets to the wall, and then simply put the shower curtain rod into the brackets.

Attaching the Rod and Curtains

The installation of the shower curtain comes after the installation of the shower rod. The curtain rings must be fastened to the rod first. The next step is to insert the curtain ring into the curtain’s top hole and close the ring. To finish installing your curtains, repeat this process with all of the rings.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is an absolute must if your bathroom has a shower over a tub since this will keep the water contained inside the shower and out of the rest of the bathroom. It’s vital to get the design of your shower curtain just perfect since it will likely be the largest colorful surface in a relatively tiny bathroom. Here’s how to hang your new shower curtain after you get it inside your bathroom at home.

Prepare the shower by 1. putting up the curtain

Upon removing the shower curtain from its packaging, spread it out flat on the floor. Most shower curtains are made up of two pieces (which you may buy separately). Either a single waterproof curtain or an exterior non-waterproof layer plus an inside waterproof liner is possible.

Two, Align the Eyelets

Both the inner and outside curtain, if you have one, will have eyelets at the top. If your product consists of two pieces, the liner should be laid out first. If there is a right and wrong side, the latter should be facing down. Next, place the outer curtain on top, right side out, and with the eyelets at the same end. So, while you’re in the shower, you’ll see the nicest side of the liner, and when you’re in the bathroom, you’ll see the nicest side of the curtain.

Put the eyelets on the two curtains in line with one another. If the eyelets on your shower curtain and liner don’t line up, you may choose to place them on separate rods or rails and use a double (dual-track) shower head.

It’s OK to merely spread out a single watertight curtain on the ground.

Third, Place the Rings

Rings for shower curtains must match the number of eyelets present. Go ahead and put one of them in each eyelet.

As a Fourteenth Option, Drape Yourself Over the Tub

A shower curtain rod or rail, installed per the manufacturer’s directions, should be used. (You don’t want it to collapse on you when you’re in the shower.

When taking a shower, keep the inner liner or single shower curtain within the tub to contain the water. If you have an extra curtain, hang it outside the tub.

After a 5 Minute Shower

After a shower, leave the curtains open as much as possible, draping them as far as they will go over the rod or rail, to allow them to dry and reduce the risk of mildew.

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