How to register for intermediate exams as a private candidate in Pakistan

I passed S.Sc exam 3 years ago and I could not continue my education.  Now I want to pursue my further education as a private candidate and I want to know application process, eligibility criteria and registration checklist.

Graduate Asked on September 4, 2015 in Standards & Testing.
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    Application process for intermediate (F.A, F.Sc,, ICS) doesn’t vary a lot all over Pakistan. You may discover some minor differences from one examination board to the other. However, I’m going to explain you a step by step process that works all over the country.

    Private applicants have to follow a distinct process compared to regular applicants.

    Find an Institution/Examination Board

    First of all, you have to decide which examination board you prefer. There are a lot of examination boards and you can even apply in Alama Iqbal Open University. They offer intermediate programs for private students.


    Application Form

    Get the application form from your desired board/institution. You can also download the form from their website or you can get it from an assigned bank or post office, etc. Fill the application form carefully and select the desired subjects. Subjects list is present on the back of your form. Select your exam center that can be easily accessible without any hazard.

    Fee Deposits

    Visit admission office or official website of your institution and ask for fee deposits. They will guide you about fees and due dates etc.

    Documents Attestation

    Now take your documents and accurately filled application form to the principal of any government institution or any seventeen scale government employee for attestation, and submit your documents in your institution for further processing.

    Roll no Slip

    Your roll number slip will be issued to your address or you can directly get it from the board. If there are any mistakes, you can ask for corrections by following the specified process. If you lose the roll no slip, you can obtain it along with fee receipt.

    Examination Center

    Read the question paper carefully and if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask the examiners. They are paid to conduct exams and clear the queries about exam.

    Metric and Intermediate Examination Boards in Pakistan

    Federal Board

    Lahore Board

    Karachi Board

    Peshawar Board

    Azad Kashmir Board

    You can find more information on the internet

    Postgraduate Answered on September 4, 2015.
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