How to register an NGO in Pakistan

Registering an NGO in Pakistan can be a difficult and confusing process. Here are some guidelines on how to register NGO in Pakistan and what are the various factors influencing this process. If you intend to develop a group of people who want to help make the society they live in or not a better place to live. Details on fundraising, volunteers, projects, NGO structure and legal obligations and other factors are discussed as well.

NGOS stands for non-governmental organizations are established to organize community based activities to raise awareness and empower people and help them to overcome domestic issues and aftermaths of disasters. There are hundreds of NGOS working in Pakistan – national and international organizations. However, NGOS have to undergo a registration process before they start operations locally or internationally.

So the question might be how to register an NGO in Pakistan

NGOS registration process:

  1. Identifying a purpose

The most important aspect of an NGO is the mission or purpose. Before you go further into the registration process, you must understand the aims or purpose and they should be very clear and realistic. You should assess the current situations and priorities of people in the area you want to serve. For instance, a community needs a school for educating their children and you can provide food and shelter so this thing won’t work and government might not be able to allow you start operations. Your mission statement or objective must be able to fulfill the required needs of people, community or environment you want to work for.

  1. Selecting a Name for an NGO

While trying to figure out best possible names for your NGO, you should make sure that the name you are going to choose must reflect your organization’s objective. For instance, if a future non-governmental organization plan to organize tree plantation events and work on the environmental problems, they can select names like GreenHouse or EverGreen as it portrays a clear idea of your organization’s mission.

  1. Obtaining funds for NGO

Government generally do not provide funds to NGOS for their welfare and community activities so they have to rely on other sources such as NGO donor agencies, businesses, private institutions, volunteers and public donations.

NGO funding agencies

Above links might help you find NGO donors list

  1. Organizational Architecture

In order to achieve its purpose and get success, organizational structure of NGO must be well-ordered and designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. You may need to hire a consult to get this job done for you. While during the process of developing a well-organized and effective structure of an NGO, you may have to consider various aspects of an NGO such as strategic management, programs management, recruitments, projects, departments and volunteers, etc.

A guide on how to start an NGO and rules for organizational structure of NGO

  1. Legal Framework

Once you’re done with mission statement, organizing funds options and building up a structure, now you need to get your NGO registered with government of Pakistan to start getting funds and donations and get functional. If you’re a small NGO working for your local community with little amount of resources and volunteers, you do not need to get yourself registered with government. All those big international organizations are required to get registered before they start their operations.

However, there are some local NGOS who may get some funds from government of Pakistan and those NGOS are registered with Central Board of Revenue Pakistan. All domestic NGOS are not registered with governmental but it is recommended to get it registered by following a proper legal process. There are roughly 65% non-registered local NGOS in Pakistan.

Online application for registration of NGO in Pakistan

NGO Registration Laws

  • Voluntary social welfare agencies registration and control ordinance 1961.

NGOS intend to get government funds for their activities and projects are required to register under

  • Societies registration act 1860

NGOS with wide range of genre and diverse activities, and a large number of local NGOS get registered under the following act.

  • The company’s ordinance 1954, section, 42.

Non-for-profits companies that provide useful things to society get registered under this act

  • Income tax ordinance 2001

This act allows a non-governmental organization to qualify for “non-tax” charity organization.

At times, registration process for NGO may be hectic and complex but you cannot underestimate the benefits you gain. Of course, there is no-one to stop you if you have a group of determined people who want to bring a positive chance in society and share the responsibility of government. It will be a great help for the government if local communities and organizations get involve in social problems and fix them.

NGO Volunteers


Volunteers are an assent for a non-for-profit organization. They bring the skills and expertise into the organization and help it achieve the projects and aims. And the best part is you don’t need to pay for their work. They are volunteers and they want to help people in need. There might be many elements that act as intrinsic motivation for them. For instance, people volunteer to get engage in community based activities, meeting new people, learning new skills and getting new experience, get an escape from daily routines or even as a hobby.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people all around who want to volunteer and NGOS do not have much difficulty identifying them. There are many online forums and social media platform the can help you find the right number of volunteers at the right time and at the right place.

Advertise your volunteer vacancies here

There are plenty of other sites on the internet that can help you find the volunteers of your choice.

NGO Professionals and NGO workers

Hiring the right people for your organization is as much essential as having quality volunteers. Professional staff is required to fill in top management positions and administration department and for that purpose NGO has to carefully undergo interview sessions and recruitment processes. If you have right number of people in the right places, you will find it a lot easier to keep working towards attaining your goals and serving community. Having a professional team has plenty of other benefits such as inexperienced people can be trained in the NGO with the help of professionals, increase productivity, and effectively manage operations and overall organizational tasks. Furthermore, they help building excellent relations with other NGOS, religious and ethnic groups and government.


Running an NGO might be hard at first but as soon as you get the right people in and take practical and wise steps and continue research and go with positive mindset, you will get achieve your targets.

Always keep a plan in place for your projects.

Keep your top management organized as they are the ones who make strategic decisions that affect organization.

Volunteers should be informed and updated frequently as they are excited about updates coming from an organization they work for.

Develop best fundraising techniques as it’s directly connected to your social activities.

Organize workshops, conferences, seminars and awareness programs as they help you find new donors and volunteers.

NGO Business Plan examples

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