How to or what is the best way to optimize mobile phone videos and images with minimum quality loss

New mobile phones have UHD 2k video recording at 3840×2160 pixels and 4160×3120 (13M) pixel resolution for images. A one minute video can be from 100 – 200 mb and single picture can be between 3 – 6 mb. It is difficult to store these videos and pictures especially if you upload to cloud. I have a 2nd generation Intel core i7 Dell Latitude Laptop with 8GB RAM and a 7200 RPM HDD the UHD video when played is choppy and sometimes gets stuck.

I am looking for someway to reduce the file video files size by 50% and the image size by 25%, but most importantly I do not want to lose much on the quality of the file. I have tried a few software’s but they are very slow and mostly complex. I can never get the setting right sometimes the video file size becomes larger.

Can anyone recommend tool that can do this task easily optimize mobile phone videos and images maybe convert the 1 minutes UHD video from 150 mb to 100 mb without fiddling with so many settings?

Associate Professor Asked on August 19, 2015 in Mobile Phones.
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