How to get better sleep at night and what are the most effective ways to overcome sleep problems

Sleep is hard to come at night and sometimes I stay up till 2 AM. My doctor gave me sleeping pills but they don’t work anymore. It affects my daily work; my job; my family and even my office work. I am so stressed. Need quick help.

Graduate Asked on September 5, 2015 in Other - Health.
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    Insomnia is a most common sleep problem. A lot of people face difficulty falling asleep or getting enough sleep to function properly during daytime. Since this disorder develops as a consequence of a physical or mental disorder, it is best to have the condition evaluated by a mental health professional. Generally, clinical psychologists or mental health counselors are recommended.

    In many cases, we can overcome sleep problems by simply altering our sleep habits. Luckily, habits can be altered by understanding your behaviors and change them. Here are some suggestions for developing healthier sleep habits.

    Adopt a regular sleep timetable

    Just like the clock in external world, there is an internal body clock that regulates our body functions. You should get up and go to sleep at the same time every day to help your body clock set a regular schedule. If you develop this habit, your body will help you falling asleep easily.

    Don’t force yourself to sleep

    Sleep is a built-in process and you can’t force it. Don’t force yourself to sleep if you’re energetic. Let your body and mind to calm down before falling asleep.

    Build a regular bedtime routine

    Develop a regular schedule before going to bed. You may discover that reading, writing, walking or practicing a meditation or relaxation technique may help you prepare for sleep.

    Keep the problems out of your bed

    Returning to bed after a full day of work means it’s the time to relax and sleep. Try not to think about your problems or plans and don’t organize your schedule. Try to tell yourself that you will only think about tomorrow, tomorrow and just tomorrow. It’s better to clear your mind from the stuff that keep you away from sleeping, and if you really want to think about something in bed, just think about the things you’re going to do the following day and nothing more.

    Avoid tossing and turning

    If you can’t fall asleep during the first twenty minutes, don’t continue tossing and turning. Get out of your bed and move to another room, and get relaxed by reading, meditating or listening to light music, etc. When you feel relaxed, go back to your bed and try to fall asleep. Repeat the same process until you’re able to fall asleep.

    Avoid caffeine and other additive elements

    Don’t drink coffee, soft drinks and colas, and tea after 7 PM. They have the capacity to keep your mind active and intoxicated so you can fall asleep easily.

    Always make sure:

    You have a regular exercise plan and you follow it. Exercising helps us fall asleep easily.

    Don’t eat junk food like pizzas, burgers, nuggets and deep fried food. They take a lot of time to digest and when you want to fall asleep your body is busy digesting those junks.

    Try to sleep in a calm and comfortable room and always try sleep on the same bed – same room.

    Don’t use cellphone before going to bed. According to latest research, light emission from the cellphones and tablets is really harmful for your sleep.

    Read this dailymail UK’s article

    Drink Milk before going to bed. It helps you get a better sleep.

    Avoid sleeping pills.

    Postgraduate Answered on September 5, 2015.
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