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      How to buy a used cars in Pakistan?

      I want to buy a used car but I do not know where to begin. Not sure how to approach this car dealers cheat and lie extensively. Even individuals hide major defects well. I do not want to get stuck with something that is going to be a constant headache. Need some assistance.

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      1 Answers

      Buying a used car is not as hard as it seems in the first place, but you must take wise steps and do some research to make it happen successfully. Buying a vehicle from a private seller is less hazardous compared to car dealers in the market. Dealers are trained and experienced, and they try to hide the flaws of a vehicle or even mislead you. On the other hand, many times private sellers also try to hide facts about the car you are interested in. However, you can tackle such things with a suspicious mindset and inspecting every part of the vehicle. No need to hurry up during that process.

      Follow the steps below to buy a used car successfully:

      Car brand and model

      Think about your budget, family requirement and space in your house, etc and decide what brand and model you should buy.

      Find a car

      Now you have decided the brand and model. It is the time to find car dealers and individual sellers. You can visit car markets in person or you can search on the internet. There are many classified sites that you can use to find a car of your choice. www.eBid.pk

      Car Inspection Essentials

      When you go for an inspection, bring the following things with you:

      Get a pen or pencil and a notebook for jotting details down. Details may include vehicle price, identification number (VIN) or millage, etc.

      A small working flashlight or mobile phone with camera flash to for detecting problems under the car’s hood and in the trunk

      A small magnet to check if the body is concealed

      A cassette or CD to check audio systems

      Some towels or small piece of paper to inspect engine oil

      Now with these essentials in hand, you are ready to test the waters.

      Car Inspection Checklist

      This checklist will help you discern if the car is worth buying


      Observe carefully if body colors match, no sign of fresh paint, and windshield, wipers, doors, truck and bonnet working properly. Make sure headlights, indicators and other lights are completely functional.


      Make sure tires are free of cracks and cuts or other problems, and are in excellent condition and of a reputable brand. Do not forget to check spare time and tools.


      Make sure engine oil or fluids are not leaking, oil filter neck is not covered with black discharge, no black oil on oil dip stick, no smell of engine and exhaust pipe discharge is neither blue nor black. Both are red flags.


      Make sure all doors open and close evenly, air conditioner, heater, stereo systems, gears, warning lights and power windows are fully functional, seats are free of cracks and loaded with seat belts. Brakes are engaging evenly, steering wheel is fully operated and car is not vibrating or shaking.

      Verify Documents

      Ask for registration document, return file, original number plate, and owner CNIC. Check the documents thoroughly and make sure they are original.

      For acquiring CNIC details of seller you can send seller’s CNIC number to 7000

      If you have verified everything and still want to make sure if the car is stolen, call Rescue 15. They have records of stolen cars and they can further assist you.

      Answered by Mariam on September 3, 2015..

      WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com