How to build confidence

I’m lacking the confidence since the first day of my school and all those years where so hard for me. I want to part of many activities and events but when the time comes, I want to escape from everything. Why this happens to me all the time?

Lecturer Asked on September 11, 2015 in Psychology.
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    Self-confidence is a combination of self-esteem and self-efficacy, and it is an important part of human nature. Self-efficacy is a belief that we can accomplish a wide range of tasks throughout our life, whereas self-esteem is a general belief of our competency in what we do and we deserve a happy life.

    A person who is confident, generally like himself, and ready to take risks to accomplish personal and professional aims, and thinks positively about life. Luckily, self-confidence something you can develop on your own!

    Cultivating a positive attitude

    Firstly, you need to identify your negative thoughts. They might sound like “no-one wants to talk to me,” “it impossible and I can’t do it,” or “no-one like to hear what I want to say.” This inner pessimistic inner voice will hold you back from achieving the level of confidence you want.

    Try to change these unhelpful voices to more positive ones. For example, “I want to try it” or “I can be successful if I put some effort.” Start your day with a few positive thoughts.

    It’s a little hard to give negative thoughts lesser brain space initially but try to think more positive and less negative until you can’t think about good things all the time. After some time, the positive things will come naturally when you think about something.

    Maintain an optimistic support network

    Connect with people who are close with you whether they’re family, relatives or friends – people who are sincere with you. They can help you overcome your weaknesses and encourage you to perform well. And stay away from the people who always criticize you. Saying negative things about you once in a while is healthy and you can work on them but constant criticism is harmful for you. Take some time and think about people who make you feel good and spend time with them. Take a time to sit down and think about all the stuff that make you feel bad and try to keep yourself away.

    Identify your talents

    Everyone has a special talent, so you have to discover that talent or skill that you are good at. Feel proud about yourself and express yourself, whether it’s through music, photography, writing or art. Find a hobby that you enjoy. Having a variety of interests and hobbies will not only make you confident but it also helps you make new good friends.

    Get comfortable with fear

    You may think self-confident are not fearful but this is wrong. Fear means you are growing and progressing. You may be afraid of public speaking so you should attend public speaking event as a listener. Let yourself get used to the fear and eventually you will be able to speak in front of a large crowd. Imagine a baby trying to walk. There is a lot of possibility for him. He just needs to get exposed and take the first step. Same goes here. Just try to expose yourself.

    Be patient

    Habits don’t change in a single day. You need to keep working on and one day you will get success.

    Avoid comparing yourself to others

    If you want to build confidence you simply need to focus on improving your own life rather than think about being like someone else. Focus on your dreams and how you can achieve them. You set your own standards of life and stick to them. Recognize your insecurities and try to work on them and learn from your mistakes.


    Take good care of yourself

    Eat healthy meals and do regular exercise. It helps your brain and body to function properly and help you appreciate the positive side of the world. Getting enough sleep is also very important for your overall health and performance.

    Graduate Answered on September 11, 2015.
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