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      How long did it take your deaf child to learn BSL?

      Being a deaf children parents i wanna know about how long did it take a deaf child to learn British Sign Language !

      Asked by ryan2022 43 mins ago in Education & Reference.

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      1 Answers

      It depends on how you measure importance. From a pure practical standpoint, it’s probably not as important for deaf children to learn BSL as it is for them to learn English. However, from a social and emotional standpoint, there’s no question that BSL is an incredibly important language for deaf children to learn.

      There are many benefits to learning BSL. For starters, BSL allows deaf people to communicate with other deaf people in a way that is both easy and natural. Additionally, BSL can help boost self-esteem and provide a sense of community for deaf people. Finally, since BSL is a visual language, it can be helpful for deaf children in terms of literacy skills and cognitive development.

      Answered by scorpion 42 mins ago..

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