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      Embassy lost my CNIC how to apply for a duplicate at NADRA

      Just a few days ago I renewed my CNIC and today someone at the Malaysian embassy lost it. They did not seem bothered by it. I would like to know the process for getting a duplicate CNIC from NADRA. Do I need to prepare all the documents again same as I did for the renewal?

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      1 Answers
      Senior Lecturer

      Duplicate CNIC from NADRA is easier than a renewal. Well just one difficult part that is registering a FIR with the police. Once the FIR is lodged just go to NADRA office with the FIR and a copy of your old CNIC. If you do not have a copy of your CNIC then take a copy of each of your parents CNIC’s. Also I would suggest making a copy or two of the FIR.

      NADRA will issue you a token then take your picture and biometrics (fingerprints).

      Step by step:

      1. Register FIR at nearest police station
      2. Photocopy FIR
      3. Photocopy of your CNIC, if you do not have this get photocopies of your parents CNIC’s

      Take these to NADRA

      1. Get Token
      2. Take picture
      3. Take fingerprints
      4. Your Done!
      Answered by Adnan on August 27, 2015..

      WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com