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      Best eliquid brand for electronic cigarettes in Pakistan

      In your answers only mention one of your favorite brand along with its best flavors.

      I have been searching for the best eliquid brand for electronic cigarettes in Pakistan since last year. Most of the cheaper ones have a poor vaping experience. I have tried many of the brands available in Lahore and Pakistan but found very few that I can vape regularly or will buy again. Below is a list of many of the eliquids/ejuices flavors and brands that I have tried the first being the best eliquid brand for electronic cigarettes in Pakistan.

      Note: Flavor vaping experience depends on person to person, PG/VG ratio and nicotine level. It is not necessary that a flavor that is 50% PG and 50% VG will also taste good in 100% VG concentration. Also nicotine levels also play a part as to how an eliq will taste.

      Devices used, Joyetech eCom Mega 20W VV excellent device available at www.eBid.pk for Rs 7000 and Totally Wicked for Rs 14000, KangerTech Subox, Innokin VV 4.0 and 3.0, Kamry 60 and IPV4 (love this one).

      1. Five Pawns: tried all, premium eliquid but expensive Rs 3600/30ml.
        1. Castle Long
        2. Lucena
        3. Gambit
        4. Grandmaster
        5. Bowdens Mate
      2. Mt Baker: tried all, good low cost ejuice Rs 1200/30ml.
        1. Maple Pecan
        2. Butter Peacan
        3. East Coast Tobacco
        4. American Tobacco
        5. Blue Berry
        6. Hawk Sauce
        7. Chocolate Mint
        8. The rest suck
      3. Pure Italian: safestcig.com, very good low cost Rs 1000/30ml. Available in 50/50, 30/70 PG/VG and 100% VG (Recommended)
        1. Caramel
        2. Water Melon
        3. Double Apple
        4. French Vanilla
        5. Never try butter scotch tastes like something died
      4. Halo: tried only one, premium ejuice resonable price Rs 2700/30ml.
        1. Turkish Tobacco (only for those those who enjoy bitter flavors)
      5. Totally Wicked (tried many, their patriot range 50/50 PG/VG is premium quality but expensive Rs 3600/30ml so instead of totally wicked’s patriot range I would recommend going for five pawns there is just no comparison, red label is also not bad for the price 30/70 PG/VG Rs 1800/30ml.
        1. American Tobacco (patriot)
        2. Blueberry Tobacco (patriot)
        3. Golden Tobacco (red label)
        4. Mixed Fruit (red label)
        5. Caramel (red label)
        6. many more the best thing about totally wicked is that you can go to their outlet and try the flavors before buying.
      6. BioFumo (tried only a few, good medium range brand Rs 1800/30ml)
        1. Honey
        2. Exotic Fruits (unique)
        3. I have tried pina colada and lemon cola they are OK but not that great.
      7. E-Vaps: High VG, good quality, flavor is bit low, decent vapor production and price is low Rs 1800/30ml.
      8. E-Lite: tried only one, Virginia Tobacco, and it was bad tasted like medicine, wasn’t cheap either so I’m not buying this again.
      9. White Mist: low quality, i heard its locally made but not sure, expensive as well not recommended at all.
      10. Flavaah (taste alright but the poor feel and vapor production I do not recommend this brand, low cost Rs 1300/30ml)
        1. Blue Berry
        2. Strawberry
        3. Chocolate sucks

      WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com

      • How can I contact you. I need to know where i can get the Mount bAKER flavors. Also i need to know the PG/VG ratio for the juices.

        on October 30, 2016.
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      WEBSITE FOR SALE EMAIL: am360867@gmail.com