What will be the outcome of the movment started because of Panama Leaks in Pakistan?

Seems like Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Shareef is preparing for mid term elections rather than the popular view that he is preparing to fight back the opposition. He is merely buying time, proof is pervaiz rasheeds statement about middlesex don’t fool yourself he knows very well what he said is nonsense. NS is not stupid contrary to what most think he knows if there are mid term elections he will win once more.

History might be repeating itself. During the famous sit-in (dharna) by PTI, the establishment supported PTI’s stance to apply pressure on the government and left them hanging once they got what they wanted from PMLN. PTI working with the likes of MQM is astonishing. It is contrary to their past politics.

Once the establishment gets what it wants will leave the political forces to face PMLN’s wrath? Is it about getting control of CPEC? we all know China does not want to wait any longer, they want political stability in Pakistan. Corruption causes poverty and disparity and its the main cause of terrorism.

Shouldn’t the military, if they are involved, not strive for permanent long term solutions that actually eradicate injustice from our society instead of small victories which cause nothing but disunity, depression and confusion.

Postgraduate Asked on May 4, 2016 in Politics.
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50% PMLN government will be replaced by a technocratic government
50% Nawaz Shareef will not resign Pak Fauj will get control of CPEC
0% Nawaz will be forced to resign and will contest for elections
0% Nawaz Shareef will not resign
0% Nawaz will be forced to resign and will not be allowed to contest for elections

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