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  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are generally set up by citizens and funded by government, businesses or volunteers. They engage in wide range of activities such as humanitarian relief, education, healthcare, rehabilitation and protection against violence, etc.

    List of NGOs currently operating in Pakistan are as under:

    Adventist Development and Relief Agency


    ADRA is a humanitarian agency founded in 1956 for the purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief.

    Focus: Food security, economic progress, basic health and education and emergency management

    AFS Intercultural Programs


    AFSIP was founded in 1915 by an economics professor at Harvard University and began as service of volunteer ambulance drivers and eventually shaped into an international youth exchange organization.

    Focus: student exchange and intercultural learning programs.

    ActionAid Pakistan


    ActionAid is a non-governmental organization founded in 1972 as a child sponsorship charity and today this organization is working worldwide including Pakistan to further human rights for all and defeat poverty.

    Focus: human rights, women rights, food rights, emergency and conflicts and climate change.

    American Himalaya Foundation Pakistan

    AHFP is an NGO founded in 1968 to help communities living throughout the Himalayas

    Focus: Building schools, trees plantation, training doctors, funds hospitals, take care of children and elderly and reconstruction of scared sites.

    Asian Human Rights Development Organization


    It is the first human rights organization registered with federal government of Pakistan. It was founded in 1999 under the section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984.

    Focus: natural disasters, human rights, domestic violence, education and health, safety and security.

    Association for the Development of Pakistan


    ADP is a non-governmental organization which works to improve the lifestyles of poor and underprivileged of Pakistan by providing support for development projects. ADF managed to raise $400,000 for earthquake relief (2005) in two months.

    Focus: Environment, education, health, gender equality, labor and food rights.

    Aurat Foundation


    Aurat Foundation was established under the societies Registration Act 1886. It is a civil society organization working for empowering women and citizens and influencing social attitudes and behavior.

    Agha Khan Rural Support Program


    It is a private non-profit organization founded by Agha Khan Foundation in 1982 to enhance the lives of villagers of Gilgit and Chitral.

    Focus: Natural resource management, women development, social organization, human resource development, community infrastructure, enterprise promotion and credit and savings.

    Braille without Borders Pakistan


    BWB is an international non-governmental organization working for blind citizens in developing countries.

    Care Pakistan


    It is an international NGO founded in 1945 and is operating in more than 90 countries.

    Focus: Water and sanitation, emergency responses, food security, economic development, climate change, agriculture and health.

    Cartias Pakistan


    Cartias Pakistan is a Roman Catholic humanitarian organization working in Pakistan for 50 years and is affiliated with Cartias International.

    Focus: Reducing poverty and injustice.

    Carter Center


    CC is a non-for-profit organization established in 1982 by former US Present Jinny Carter and his wife Rosalynn to alleviate human sufferings and human rights.

    Focus: peaceful solutions to conflicts, human rights, democracy, and economic and social development.

    ChildReach Pakistan


    ChildReach is a London based non-profit organization established in 2004. It is working at grassroots level providing healthcare and education poor children by empowering locals.

    Focus: Healthcare and Education

    Conservation International


    It is an international non-governmental organization based in US. It was founded in 1897 and the organization is working on protectin nature and environment.

    Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan


    CRCP is a civil-based organization registered under Trust Act, 1882 and established in 1998 as a non-profit organization. CRCP is administered by highly skilled professionals consistently working on consumer rights issues.

    Focus: Consumer rights                                       

    David and Lucile Foundation


    It is a private foundation that provides funds to non-profit-organizations. It was established in 1964 by David Packard (co-founder of HP) and his wife Lucile Packard. In 2003, David and Lucile Foundation ranked the 9th wealthiest foundations in the US.

    Focus: Enhance lives of children, advance reproductive health and conserves and restore world’s natural systems.

    Edhi Foundation


    Edhi Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 1954 by Abdul Satar Edhi and the headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan. It provides emergency services in all over Pakistan and abroad. Other services include drug addiction centers, medical care, free hospitals, and national and international relief programs. Edhi Foundation has established world’s largest ambulance network in Pakistan.

    Focus: Handicapped persons, shelter homes, healthcare, education, Blood and Drug bank, air ambulance services, orphans, widows, international community centers and Marine and Coastal Services.

    Environmental Defense Fund


    EDF is a non-governmental organization founded in 1967 and is known for its work on environmental solutions and human health.

    Focus: Global warning, oceans, human health and ecosystems.

    Family Health International


    FHI is a human developmental organization working on improving lives of communities and providing health and education. It was founded in 1971 and is working in more than 70 countries. It has successfully completed thousands of projects over the past few decades.

    Focus: Civil society, youth, nutrition, health, environment, gender equality, family planning and reproductive health.

    Fatima Jinnah Trust

    Fatima Jinnah Trust is a non-profit private organization founded by Fatima Jinnah who was one of the leading dental surgeon and a stateswoman.

    Focus: health, education, human rights, social development and women rights.

    Ford Foundation


    It was established in 1936 with a mission to promote human welfare. For many years, the organization was the largest foundation in world.

    Focus: Economic empowerment, human rights, democracy, education, the creative arts and the third world growth and development.

    Friends of Pakistan


    It aims to promote democracy and human rights and was established in 2008.

    Focus: Development, energy and institution building, human rights, democracy and community empowerment.

    Ham Qadam Welfare Organization


    It is a privately owned non-gov1ernment organization and was founded in 2010 and working on community based welfare projects.

    Focus: Discrimination, violence, health, special education, labor rights, women development, gender equality and vocational and computer health.

    Fatima Welfare Foundation


    It is a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit organization based in KPX, Pakistan. It provides broad range of social activities and citizen community boards. The organization was largely involved in relief and rehabilitation during floods 2010.

    Focus: Human rights, women empowerment, child protection, education and literacy, health and nutrition, human resource development, infrastructure, forestry, agriculture and emergency disaster relief.

    Pakistan Red Crescent Society



    It is the oldest and honored humanitarian organization in world and headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. It is most widely known organization in the world having won three noble peace prizes.

    Focus: Humanitarian relief

    Islamic Relief Pakistan


    IR is an international non—governmental organization providing development programs and humanitarian relief around the world regardless of age, gender or belief.

    Institute of Rural Management Pakistan


    It started as a single room human resource development organization which eventually became institute of Rural Development. It trains over 50,000 people annually.

    The Asia Foundation Pakistan


    AF is a non-governmental organization working on improving lives across developing Asia.

    Focus: Education, health, human rights and social development.

    The Citizens Foundation


    It is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Pakistan in education sector. It was founded in 1995 by a group of people in Karachi.

    Focus: Building schools and providing quality education in rural and urban areas of Pakistan.

    Other prGOs include:

    The Fred Hollows foundation


    The mountain institute


    The terma foundation


    Sustainable development policy institute


    Sayani welfare international trust


    Society for sustainable development


    Rozan Foundation


    Minhaj Welfare Foundation


    Muslim Charity


    Muslim hands


    Rural education and development foundation


    Rising Sun institute


    Prevention of Blindness trust


    Population services international


    Pakistan Heart Foundation


    Pak education society/Pakistan Development Network


    Pakistan cave research and caving federation


    Sarhad Rural Support Program


    Volunteers in Asia


    Village health organization


    Voluntary services overseas


    War Against Rape


    Wheelchair foundation Pakistan


    Wetlands international


    Wildlife Conservation Society


    Women media center


    Youth Parliament of Pakistan


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  • Here are some best websites for ordering food online at comfort of your home.



    This is the best way to search menus of different restaurants and hotels in major cities such as Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or Faislaabad, etc. You can compare deals and also have options to save money by getting the best possible deal.

    Available in Android and IOS



    There are options for online reservation and special discount offers. You are hungry and you want to get your food ordered quickly this is the best site for you. You just need to tap on “map” to discover all amazing foods deals around you. The ordering process is pretty simple with an easy interface.



    This is an online portal for food lovers across Pakistan. You can enjoy special deals, delicious menus and discounts, and even you get points when you order online. Moreover, you can pay cash on delivery.

    Available in Android



    This is a great app to let users find deals and discounts and vanues, and you can get discounts by scanning a code. You get a reward when you buy a burger, pizza or coffee.

    Available on google play, app store and nokia store.



    This app gained huge popularity over the internet during the first few months and it’s users has been growing all the time. They offer a wide range of restaurants with amazing deals and discounts. You also have the facility to reserve a table in your desired restaurant.

    App available on google play, app store and windows phone.

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  • There are many different ways to quit smoking and you can choose the plan that works better for you.

    Cold Turkey

    Around 90% of the sufferers who try to abandon smoking do it without external help – no chemicals, medicines or therapy and many of them are able to get success.

    Electronic Cigarettes

    This is probably the easiest way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but most people who take this route always end up getting hooked to electronic cigarettes or ecigs. The best way is to start cutting down on analogue (regular) cigarettes while vaping an ecig, start with medium nicotine strength eliquid and decrease to 0mg nicotine ejuice . There are a number of studies proving electronic cigarettes are less harmful than analogue cigarettes but there are also many studies proving they are worse. Vaping is becoming a hobby among ecig users which is dangerous on its own. For a list of suitable eliquids review see here.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Your counselor, therapist or clinical psychologist will work with you to find ways to quit smoking. Together, you’ll work on triggers such as emotions or events that compel you to smoke and make plans to overcome the problem. Follow ups are very important.

    Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    Nicotine patches, inhalers, lozenges and sprays are nicotine replacement therapies and they work by giving you nicotine without the use of tobacco. If you are under the age of 18, you can’t use it without your doctor’s permission. This therapy works well only when you also get behavioral therapy and plenty of support from family and friends.


    Many drugs such as Chantix and Zyban are pretty helpful for people trying to quit smoking but your doctor must prescribe these medications.

    Combo Treatment

    Using a combination of treatment methods may increase your likelihood of quitting smoking. For example, using both a nicotine spray and patch may be better than a spray alone. Other proven combo treatments include nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral therapy, nicotine patch and nicotine spray and prescription medications with a nicotine patch. You need to talk with your counselor or psychologist to see which treatment is best for you.

    Rules for quitting smoking

      1. Recognize the triggers and avoid them:
      2. During the first 2 or 3 months of your treatment, try to stay away from the situations that usually make you feel like smoking.
    • Understand that the first few days are the hardest
      1. You will probably feel stressed, slow, depressed, tired or irritable but once you get over those early days, you will start feeling normal.
    • Don’t give in to your craving to smoke
      1. You increase the chances of quitting successfully when you don’t smoke when you have cravings.
    • Try a new hobby with friends who are non-smokers
    1. When smoking is no longer a choice for you, it may change how you see yourself. The more you want to quit smoking, you may be amazed to feel sad or miss it all most of the time. So it’s the best way to start doing something you like such as writing, exercising, music or art. This will help you to avoid thinking about your cravings.

    Everyone is different and how hard it is to quit smoking depends on things like:

    • The number of cigarettes you smoke everyday
    • The number of time you spend with who are smokers (parents, friends or workmate)
    • The reason for your smoking such as to overcome a social situation, hiding from a person problem or controlling the weight gain.

    You only need to focus on the benefits of leaving this habit. Within few hours of stopping smoking, your body starts to recover from the damages and effects of addictive components. You heart, lungs, blood pressure begin to getting back to normal and your overall health increases.

    Consult a psychologist or counselor in your city or visit a drug addict rehabilitation center for further assistant and starting the treatment.

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  • NADRA has recently launched an online ID card application system. Your ID card will be delivered at your doorstep after the required processing period. This transition in the NADRA made process a lot easier and reliable.

    Services include:

    New overseas ID (NICOP)

    Apply for card reprint if lost or damaged.

    Application for modifying your national identity card

    Apply for conversion from traditional card to chip card.

    Follow the link below to start the process:


    Here is the process


    You’ll need to understand your requirements and apply accordingly by choosing the right category.

    1. New
    2. Reprint
    3. Renew
    4. Modify


    You’ll be required to prepare the following documents

    Required documents

    Photograph – 5MB

    Guide for capturing and uploading your picture


    Valid credit or debit card for online payment

    Online Application at Pak identity

    Now you’re prepared to apply online

    Now visit Pak identity website and click “get started.” Create an account and application and provide your address and other details. Now download the form and follow the instructions.

    Application Processing Time

    It generally depends on the card type you applied for. However, it takes 5 to 7 working days to be delivered.

    For more details and FAQ’s


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  • Self-confidence is a combination of self-esteem and self-efficacy, and it is an important part of human nature. Self-efficacy is a belief that we can accomplish a wide range of tasks throughout our life, whereas self-esteem is a general belief of our competency in what we do and we deserve a happy life.

    A person who is confident, generally like himself, and ready to take risks to accomplish personal and professional aims, and thinks positively about life. Luckily, self-confidence something you can develop on your own!

    Cultivating a positive attitude

    Firstly, you need to identify your negative thoughts. They might sound like “no-one wants to talk to me,” “it impossible and I can’t do it,” or “no-one like to hear what I want to say.” This inner pessimistic inner voice will hold you back from achieving the level of confidence you want.

    Try to change these unhelpful voices to more positive ones. For example, “I want to try it” or “I can be successful if I put some effort.” Start your day with a few positive thoughts.

    It’s a little hard to give negative thoughts lesser brain space initially but try to think more positive and less negative until you can’t think about good things all the time. After some time, the positive things will come naturally when you think about something.

    Maintain an optimistic support network

    Connect with people who are close with you whether they’re family, relatives or friends – people who are sincere with you. They can help you overcome your weaknesses and encourage you to perform well. And stay away from the people who always criticize you. Saying negative things about you once in a while is healthy and you can work on them but constant criticism is harmful for you. Take some time and think about people who make you feel good and spend time with them. Take a time to sit down and think about all the stuff that make you feel bad and try to keep yourself away.

    Identify your talents

    Everyone has a special talent, so you have to discover that talent or skill that you are good at. Feel proud about yourself and express yourself, whether it’s through music, photography, writing or art. Find a hobby that you enjoy. Having a variety of interests and hobbies will not only make you confident but it also helps you make new good friends.

    Get comfortable with fear

    You may think self-confident are not fearful but this is wrong. Fear means you are growing and progressing. You may be afraid of public speaking so you should attend public speaking event as a listener. Let yourself get used to the fear and eventually you will be able to speak in front of a large crowd. Imagine a baby trying to walk. There is a lot of possibility for him. He just needs to get exposed and take the first step. Same goes here. Just try to expose yourself.

    Be patient

    Habits don’t change in a single day. You need to keep working on and one day you will get success.

    Avoid comparing yourself to others

    If you want to build confidence you simply need to focus on improving your own life rather than think about being like someone else. Focus on your dreams and how you can achieve them. You set your own standards of life and stick to them. Recognize your insecurities and try to work on them and learn from your mistakes.


    Take good care of yourself

    Eat healthy meals and do regular exercise. It helps your brain and body to function properly and help you appreciate the positive side of the world. Getting enough sleep is also very important for your overall health and performance.

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  • All Pakistani citizens living in Pakistan need a passport that proves your identity in a foreign country. You can obtain a passport by following the process below.

    Visit your nearest passport office with a bank challan receipt after paying passport fee. You can get clallan form from authorized branches of National Bank of Pakistan

    For passport fee and other details visit http://www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Ordinary%20Passport.aspx#Fee

    Arrive at Costumer Service Counter

    At regional passport office, show up at Costumers service desk with required documents in hand. You will be guided about the process and directed towards the token counter.

    For information on documents required for passport: http://www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Ordinary%20Passport.aspx

    Token Desk

    You will get a token and directed you to camera man for photographs and other formalities.

    Biometric Data Acquisition

    Now appear at biometric counter for finger prints of right and left thumbs and index fingers.

    Data Entry

    Data entry operator will enter your data into computer. You can also see the entered data on the screen. If there is an error, you can guide the operator to make corrections.  Finally, you will have to sign a form and you will be given a duplicate token.


    Your record will be matched and an officer will make sure you’re not in black list or exit control list.


    Assistant Director will take your interview and make a decision to allow or disallow you for further process. Mostly, you’re allowed to proceed and get your passport.

    Delivery of Passport

    After going through the above process, your passport will be dispatched from headquarter and deliver to designated regional office. You can track your passport online or through SMS.

    Delivery Time

    Normal: 10 working days

    Urgent: 04 working days

    For more details on visas, passports and immigration visit http://www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Home.aspx

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  • In our country, trend of online buying and selling has been revolutionized over the last few years, We all have a busy schedule and we want to shop online while staying at home or at work. However, we should be extremely careful while shopping online and giving your credit card details. For that purpose, I’m going to share a website that is secure and reliable.

    1 – eBid Pakistan


    eBid is Pakistan’s very own ebay. It is the first fully functional free auctions and storefronts website in Pakistan. Due to strong verification processes for seller and eBid store owners (eStore owners) eBid is aiming to create a secure and reliable website which should prove to be a convenient online shopping mall for consumers. There are four verification levels and each level has a verification seal assigned to it which appears in all item listings of the seller. Also the higher the verification level the cheaper it costs to buy banners or place ads on the eBid.pk home page.

    eBid is a free website (no listing charges or commission fees) but those who choose to advertise their products (featured ads, banners and sliders) using eBid’s many tools have to pay manageable amounts. eBid also has its own built in eAccount which members can top up using online banking and PayPal.

    The most powerful feature of eBid.pk is the eStore (commonly known as storefront or webstore). The eStore can be used as a regular online shop as well as a website you can add your own eStore categories (different than eBid categories) and add content pages like about us or contact us etc. etc. The eStore domain is also attractive if small business want to use it to advertise their products and services for example eBid.pk/myeStore.

    The eStore is beneficial for business and individuals who cannot afford to build and maintain their own website. It would normally cost around PKR 50,000 to build an average website and would costs hundreds of thousands of rupees for SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), and webhosting, online paid advertising and basic modifications.  eBid takes care of all that, they manage all SEO, SMM, upgrades, hosting and they do paid marketing for their eStores on Facebook and other mediums for FREE.

    There is an extensive category structure from everyday commercial products such as mobiles phones to business and industrial products.

    There are four types of listings available.

    Products only:

    1. Auctions
    2. Buy Now
    3. Auction + Buy Now

    Products, Business and Services:

    1. Classified Ads

    Product listings are easy; members can post a detailed ad very quickly with large number of built in options by just clicking check boxes or selecting from drop down menus.

    Auctions are a great way to sell used goods or to sell something quickly. Sellers can keep a reserve price for their auction so if the bid/bole is not high enough the seller is not required to sell the product and relist his/her item again.

    I would recommend to check it out for yourself or contact the site admin here

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  • Below are some of the great sites to watch movies online and some of them even offer free TV series. I understand how difficult it is to track free movies, without registrations. However, we all want to enjoy free movies with excellent video quality and without spending a single penny and fortunately, we can do that. Find your favorite website and enjoy!


    I personally like this website because it has high quality up-to-dated movies for free. They are categorized into various genes and you have a choice to track down your favorite movie through year-by year categorization. If you are still not sure which movie to watch, this site offers an amazing collection of featured movies. You can also your favorite watch TV series for free.


    I haven’t got a chance to check this site personally but a lot people told me that they enjoy movies on this with excellent streaming quality and a wide range of collections.


    This site offers all latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. I’ve been watching some Bollywood movies here lately and I am impressed with the quality content and large collection of movies – all for free.

    Youtube Movies

    Plenty of people search youtube for full movies but we usually find very short movies in youtube search box. You actually need to switch to youtube movies to watch full length videos and movies. And almost everyone in Pakistan knows how to open youtube by using proxy servers and VPN services.


    This is an excellent website for free movie streaming and they have latest movies in HD quality for free and another.

    IGLO Movies

    You will find collections of amazing movies of every year. It has a user friendly interface that helps you easily find your favorite movies.

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